Bamboo flooring Due to its charming appeal bamboo flooring is rapidly becoming popular. Bamboo flooring looks more attractive due to the presence of marks created at the nodes of the bamboos which have a bit darker color than other parts. Though bamboo flooring can be a great choice for many people, it always pays to study the advantages and disadvantages associated with them before you go for one.
Bamboo is comparably inexpensive. While not the cheapest thing on the market, for the durability, natural warmth and beauty you'll find with bamboo floors, the price is more than reasonable. Plus it's less expensive than hardwood, but just as attractive. Read more

Area Rugs If there is one consensus on beauty and elegance in carpeting, then it would have to be an oriental rug. These rugs might be used as wall decorations or as a regular rug to walk on; whatever the decision is the Oriental rug still adds character to a room no matter how it is used. The elegance and quality that a new area rug will add to your space is sure to be enjoyed for years to come.
One way to decorate a home that favors modern de'cor is to use a modern area rug. Many people who choose a sleek, modern style for their homes are often at a loss when it comes to choosing area rugs. This is because traditionally, many area rugs had more of a ornate and traditional design. But you can find many lovely modern area rugs for your contemporary home in a number of different outlets. Read more

Ceramic Tile Flooring If you want to add elegance and value to your home there is no better choice of floor than ceramic tile flooring. Tile flooring adds great value to a home, but can add a bit of a price tag. This article will examine some key points to adding ceramic tile flooring to your home project.
Ceramic tiles are highly popular due to their astounding durability and minimum maintenance costs. You don't need to over spend in maintaining the shine and shimmer of your wall or floor tiles. Hence, many people prefer them over their counterparts that are highly cumbersome to maintain. Read more

Cork Flooring Cork flooring is one option that's both ecologically friendly and attractive.
Cork as a flooring is solid, sustainable, and long lasting. This material comes from the bark of the Mediterranean cork oak, harvested by hand about once every ten years. Cork grows back without harming the tree and the tree itself can live for over two centuries. That makes cork one of the greenest possible options, since even the excess material gets used in bottle corks. You can get different colors and textures, depending on how the cork has been treated, and the material is naturally resistant to insect damage, moisture, and fire. Read more >>>>

Hardwood Floors When it comes to wood flooring, there are tons of products to choose from. You have your hard wood, laminate, and parquet. My family has been in the flooring business for 30 years and knows what is a good quality floor.
With hardwood floors, it's said that if you really take the time to take care of them, they can last you a lifetime, looking ever so beautiful. Isn't that reason enough to really go all out to care for your hardwood floor? I think it is. When properly taken care of, your hardwood floor will radiate a kind of special warmth, richness and natural beauty that others will give anything to behold.
The first type of hardwood you will see is called the "Solid Wood". This wood is very hard and it takes more effort to get it installed or removed. Solid woods are made into strip, plank or parquet. You can use any of these types to install in your home. Read more >>>>

Laminate I can't deny that wood floors are lovely to look at, warm and inviting, but the same effect can be obtained with laminate wood for a lot less money and headaches! And in many cases laminate wood may be the better choice. Not only does it look like "wood", under most situations it will out-perform real hardwoods.
People often choose laminate flooring rather than wood flooring due to its high durability and affordable prices. Laminate floors are the best example of excellent styling and they are also very easy to install. If people wish to keep the warmth inside, laminate floors are the best alternative available. Read more >>>>

Rubber roofing may be just the thing for you, then again it may not. It can be a bit more costly than other materials. However, it will require fewer repairs in the years to come which gives you a bit more bang for your buck. When consulting with a contractor, tell him/her what you are looking for in a new roof, what your budget is, and mention that you are interested in rubber roofing. Depending on your location, the state of your old roof, and the extent of your project, they will determine if rubber is the way to go.
Rubber roofing is considered durable as well as easy to repair if there is an issue. This roofing material is available in two types including a membrane extended over the roof or rubber shingles. When using the membrane option it has been composed of recycled materials in general. The membrane can even be custom made to fit the needs of the structure. Read more >>>>

Stone Tiles. Interest in all the Natural Stone Tiles continues to escalate, for example limestone, marble, and granite. This family of natural materials requires thorough understanding, laying by a professional tiler and an adequate care and maintenance program. Having said that, it is no exaggeration to say that ceramic tile manufacturers worldwide have become passionate about replicating the look of Natural Stone Tiles.
If you are seeking an alternative tile for your floor, and want to achieve a high quality and sophisticated finish natural stone tiles are perfect. When you choose natural floor tiles you will find that you still have plenty of options in terms of materials, including sandstone, marble, granite, flagstone and so much more.
Tumbled travertine or marble tiles are the preferred choices. Polished tiles are not recommended on the floors as in wet areas they will become slippery. Creamy beige, white travertine or marble tiles along with mosaics will look fabulous in the area. If you do not want to use natural stone in this area, there are plenty of ceramic, porcelain ranges in variety of colours. Just use your imagination. Read more >>>>

Laminate Vinyl tiles have come back into their own lately with many of the manufactures now producing luxury vinyl flooring with plenty of color, accents, and quality designs. If you are looking for something on the economic side there still is the self adhesive vinyl flooring for the do it yourself projects. Stores are always filled with cheap vinyl tiles for sale as well as discontinued vinyl flooring at great prices.
Vinyl flooring has come a long way from the old days when it was used by our parents and grandparents. During those days it was quite boring, bland and ugly to look at. However vinyl is one material that has been used over and over again as favorite kitchen flooring. At the moment our kitchen has also vinyl installed and it is quite pretty, if I may add so. Vinyl is actually a type of plastic, also called PVC, which has other compounds added to it as well. Vinyl usually offers a great resistance in the kitchen to humidity, spills and wet floors and it's extremely easy to clean and maintain on a regular basis. Also it is just as cheap as laminates, while at the same time offering some gorgeous patterns and styles that any cooking area can be particularly proud of. Read more >>>>